Hello all,

As you may know, I adore film. I love it so much that I even have my own show dedicated to the subject. And it just so happens to be Ireland’s ONLY movie show! I’ve always been one of a kind, haven’t I?

And even though we’re not really going to the cinema these days thanks to  Covid-19 it’s the perfect time to revisit some of your favourites classic films. Christmas is all about watching movies on the sofa, isn’t it?

And when it’s safe to travel again you can even visit some of the locations from your favourite films in person! It seems like not too long ago I was enjoying Christmas in New York City exploring iconic movie locations in the Big Apple.

Instead of feeling sad about the things we can’t do right now, let’s celebrate our happy memories and plan for making more.

Below you can get a taste of my trip to New York and the fantastic film location tour you can go on the next time you’re in town.






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