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It’s wonderful to be back and blogging again about all things interiors and the beautiful bed linen Meadows & Byrne have in-store this month. Last month we focused on garden furniture and this month we are taking a look at your sanctuary and your place of rest ‘The Bedroom’. For me, THE most important piece of furniture in the room is, of course, my bed, which like most people is where we lay our heads and hit the snooze button countless times but believe it or not I’m actually not a fan of sleeping! Shock horror, I am the classic night owl who stays up until 1:00 am on a weeknight and then sadly rises at 7:00/ 7:30 am so I average out with only 6 hours sleep or less depending on the night that’s in it! Therefore, I HAVE to have a comfortable bed to coax me to sleep and also most importantly crisp soft sheets and a cosy duvet and bed linen to match for snuggling!

During my recent trip to Meadows & Byrne where I trawled through all the beautiful fabrics and bed linen ranges available at their Dun Laoghaire store, I chose some stunning bed linen duvet sets that work well in my home and with my colour scheme. Plus since I’m an absolute perfectionist I have road-tested them for you!

First up is the stunning White Linen Duvet Set which is so soft to the touch. It has cute little mother of pearl button detail on the pillowcases and is so crisp and fresh even coming into those long winter nights. The linen allows for the breath-ability factor and the colour of fresh white teamed with some of their brighter bolder colours really can add a little drama to a dreary bedroom. Since the colour scheme in my own little sanctuary is soft, dusky, ballet pinks and muted greys, I went with a nice blend of subtle grey and white. Meadows and Byrne have a fabulous bed linen selection of 100% Egyptian cotton sheets so I chose the grey Super King Flat Sheet and placed the Grey Oxford Pillows behind the white to add texture and prettiness to the overall look. I then added some of the stunning Phillipe Photo Frames for our bedside tables (wedding pictures are 100% essential in a newlywed bedroom) and also some soft Bliss White Candles in an assortment of sizes on their textured silver trays for a real feminine effect. I am a big fan of candles in a bedroom and have been known to take my laptop upstairs, light some scented candles and WRITE WRITE WRITE. Snuggled in-between some delightful thread count and a matching attire bed linen set, I’m in heaven!

I also mixeMeadows and Byrne Bed Linend and matched with some of the more fun patterns in bed linen for Autumn/Winter with their cool blue stripe effect which I teamed with some matching pillowcases and also a more muted neutral sandy toned bedspread. I’m in love with their soft fabrics and gentle textures that make for a really stunning palette for a dreamy night’s sleep. If you’d like to strike out and go for the fun bolder geometric prints in your palace try adding some cushions to make your bedroom feel energetic and funky!

Aside from being too matchy-matchy on colour, one thing I am fanatical about is changing my pillows and duvets once a year. In between, I get them dry-cleaned but for me since you sleep and swivel in your bed every night I need to be sure that my goose feather pillows are plump and fresh. Otherwise, it’s another way for me not to sleep at night! At Meadows & Byrne I picked up two fresh White Goose Feather & Down Pillows and a brand new Goose Feather Down King Duvet which is so warm and comfortable yet light during some of the Indian summer nights we’ve been experiencing! I was also told by one of the staff members at the store that their Plush Mattress Comforter would be an incredible addition and might force me to jump into the leaba sooner! She was right! No sooner had I spent two nights road testing the comforter, I’m in bed earlier than ever before! It makes such a difference to the softness of the mattress and it wraps around you like a large cosy hug! My advice if you’re on a budget and looking for ways to liven up your bedroom décor is to try different textures and fabrics in the form of throws and cushions to create a luxurious oasis in your home.

Bed Linen from Meadows and Byrne

There are so many options in Meadows & Byrne right now that won’t break the bank and can make the world of difference to your bedroom, a fabulous set of cosy bed-sheets are an investment that shouldn’t be ignored! Good quality bed-sheets should last years (if you don’t destroy them in colour washes!) and be EVEN more comfortable over time. I firmly feel these few essentials, a new duvet, a few candles and a photo frame of a special memory or someone will have your mindfulness in the bedroom complete.

Either way, you spend the majority of every night of your life in your bedroom, so enjoy your bed and your bed space…invest in quality bed linen and it might just be good back to you and give you the best sleep of your life! Many of the great new bed linen collections from Meadows & Byrne come in a range of bed sizes and fabrics so make sure you pop in-store or from the comfort of your bedroom have a browse online!

Happy coordinating and putting together a colour scheme in your bedroom one can only dream of!

Till next month……


Photo frames from Meadows and ByrneCandles from Meadows and Byrnefeather down pillow Meadows and Byrne


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