Hellooo again, or rather should I introduce the Christmas segment for Meadows & Byrne by saying…‘Deck the Halls’.

YES – It’s my favourite time of year, and like many I do worry about getting the house up and running, looking festive and full of cheer for the most wonderful time of the year! I love the lead up to Christmas nearly more than the event itself – the joy in the air, the Christmas ads on TV, snuggling in front of the fire with cosy socks watching old classic movies. I even enjoy the flurry and stress of buying presents and the early signs of Christmas music around the office and sneaky kisses under the mistletoe! My major love this time of year is decorating the Christmas tree and every year I have the debate with my hubby about whether to go real or fake. I have in all my 38 years adored being around a real tree – the smell, the touch, the tradition and the association. This year after the disaster of pine needles appearing in corners until the summer I decided Richard was right and we chose a faux tree and what better place to purchase one than Meadows & Byrne!

They have two INCREDIBLE options to choose from – either the 6.5ft or 7.5ft Slim Killington Pine Christmas Tree – The slim tree is a little more slender than a normal Christmas tree, so it’s perfect for those with less space who don’t want to compromise on making a festive statement! This year I changed the palette of my tree and opted for gold, soft silvers and crystal. I have precious sentiments owned by my mother and grandmother that have their place on my tree and gives me a real sense of family and childhood. Going for gold allows me to play with an array of colours, textures and style for the hearth and the tree itself!

For my mantelpiece, I added the stunning Regal Reindeer Tea-light holder in two alternate sizes along with a Snowy Cluster Garland peppered with some matching baubles and decorations to bring out the sparkle and colour palette within the room. Since the living room is quite neutral I added in some lush fabrics such as the Faux Fur Mink Throw and along with the stunning matching Faux Fur Nordic Brown Bottle Holder. Christmas cushions are a must and I went with a Sequined Stag cushion, a Let It Snow cushion and some subtle neutral colours too for effect.

My favourite is the Irish Sheepskin rug thrown casually over the ottoman with one of my Champagne Charger plates acting as a protector for the beautiful Red Currant Christmas candle placed in the centre of a wreath.

The thing that makes me most excited about Christmas and always always has is the time I spend laying out the table. What’s so wonderful about Meadows & Byrne is that they nearly do it for you! In-store, you have the display set up & all done for you in the separate colour scheme – Frosted Nordic, Shimmer & Glow, Christmas Glory so whatever your room palette is there’s something there for you! And on Sunday, December 4th, they will have Christmas Ambassadors instore showing how to do just that!!

I have found gold or should I say champagne with my Champagne Charger plates with matching bowls… they speak glamour and sophistication and without the price tag – so affordable and a perfect touch of GLAM to the Christmas table. This matched with your plain whiteware makes the table look inviting, glamorous and impressive to all your guests! It’s friendly, approachable and pretty at the same time. I hate a million glasses and zillions of forks on the tables! This is your family and friends you are dining with, make it fun and easy…don’t overload it!

Another wonderful feature is the dangling Christmas Stockings…again only a small touch but they are a must on any festive mantelpiece! For years I was sticking them on with sellotape and then worrying we’ll all go up in flames with the heat of the fire below! The genius’ that are Meadows & Byrne have now solved my lifelong problem with shiny metal Tree Stocking Holders – perfect for holding the stockings safely in place and blend beautifully into the arrangement on the mantelpiece – truly a great find during my Christmas decorating process!

If like me, the outside of the house is also important then M&B have some fabulous festive wreaths for the door. Be sure to use the stunning selection of ribbons they have in store to attach for a more seamless pretty approach to dressing the outdoors.

My final word on ‘decking the hall’ for Christmas is – don’t overspend, why not incorporate family tradition with some new affordable accessories and add a bit of sparkle! I did a 360 this Christmas and opted for a faux tree but what I’ve found with that is; there’s no mess, no madness of getting it into the house and definitely a happier dog. I’ve enjoyed adding my own personal touches to the tree too including my family heirlooms and trinkets.

And as far as the table goes for inviting the girls over for dinner or if it’s a simple dinner for Richard and I adore the setup of a delectable dining set and even just a charger plate. The Jingle Napkin rings can add that element of fun and surprise that the season is all about – so go on… make it a wonderful Christmas at yours with Meadows & Byrne and add some HO HO HO to your home!

Have a very Happy Christmas everyone and see you for some more interior tips and tricks in 2017!

Lisa xx


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