Hello Everyone…….If you have been following me on any of my social media outlets then you might have noticed that I jetted away for two weeks of absolute paradise. Which looking out the window of my house right now I feel I should hop back onto a plane and fly back to the sunshine seeing as Ireland has forgotten what a Summer looks like. Like honestly today alone it has gone from rainforest rain to clear skies with sunshine and right back to dull cloudy skies, I’m truly starting to understand the term “Irish Summer”. I’m a firm believer in rewarding yourself for hard work and after the year I’ve had of early mornings, endless days and hectic weekends its fair to say that I needed a break. Even though I’ve spent most of my career in the limelight there’s nothing I enjoy more then jetting away putting my phone down and just living in the moment something I feel we are starting to do less and less. In saying all of that I’m so excited to share with you my whole experience which was magical from start to finish.

Richard and myself started to throw some ideas of where we wanted to go for a while but when we really thought about it we decided to treat ourselves and jet back to Seychelles where we spent our honeymoon which was one of the most magical experiences of my life, honestly from my wedding day to the end of the honeymoon is was just such whirlwind of happiness that we thought why not relive that magical experience once more.

So let’s be real for a minute here, I hear a lot of people saying that the holiday starts the minute you step foot into the airport and yes that’s partly true. But if your like myself then the holiday starts two weeks before with the appointments. I’m talking retouching the hair, getting my nails done and doing those last-minute dashes to the shops to pick up some holiday clothes. Then after all of that is done you have to pack which can take hours when you’re picking outfits and of course back up outfits in case you change your mind, which most likely won’t happen but I like to keep my options open. I once went on a seven day sun holiday and bought ten swimsuits so there. My case is closed. Now by the time I’ve stepped foot into the airport I am in full holiday mood ready to commence full relaxation. As per usual Dublin airport was a pleasure, I don’t know how they manage to make everything so quick and easy which is exactly what I need when I’m trying to get my full relaxation on.

We started the holidays off officially with our flight with Turkish Airlines which we boarded as Business Class. Which, might I just add, is a full holiday in its self. I didn’t even feel like I was on a flight. Each passenger in Business Class is seated to a very roomy seat, which on a flight is kinda like striking gold especially when you have long legs like myself. I could even lie back in my seat without feeling guilty about the poor person behind me who I would be crushing with my seat. I’m pretty sure every time Richard looked over at me I was sprawled out watching movie after movie while tucking into all the snacks the air hostess were constantly bringing. I think for the first time in my life I was actually excited for airplane food which is so rare.

The flight was long but we had a quick stopover in Istanbul. Which reminds me to put Istanbul on my travel wish list, which is getting insanely long these days. Usually, during a stopover, I’m just so excited to get to the final destination that I dread getting back onto the plane but flying with Turkish Airlines that wasn’t the case. I was excited to hop back on the plane and finish my movie which I was deeply invested in before we landed. I’m also pretty sure that food on the plane was much nicer than the airport. I would 100% hire the chef who catered these flights if I could, but to be frankly honest I think Richard would kill me. After just over fifteen hours of travelling we arrived and boy oh boy nothing in this world feels better than coming off a plane and feeling the sun on your face, It’s always a highlight.

Turkish Airlines leaves you right in Seychelle. Mahe which is where our adventure began in the Four Seasons Mahe which is a twenty-five-minute journey from the airport which is ideal especially when you have just come off a fifteen-hour flight. When picking a hotel its always important to look at the location because you don’t want to be miles away from the beach and restaurants but not so close that there is a lot of noise pollution. In saying all of that the Four Seasons Mahe is literal perfection. It’s in walking distance to the beach. Oh did I mention that the beach is white sand which connects you to the crystal clear blue Indian ocean? We didn’t really make it to there that much as we were very content with our own private pool… Yes, I said it OUR OWN PRIVATE POOL. Even though I wasn’t surprised by the pool as we had spent a portion of our honeymoon there back in 2015 it still felt magical every day waking up and looking out to an untouched pool. Well, untouched until Richard jumps in, in an attempt to soak me which may I add worked every time! You’d think I’d be used to his attics after being married to him for the last four years.

Our room was equally as breathtaking as it was the last time we visited, with a deck outside the room for sunbathing and general relaxing along with the private pool (I know I’ve already mentioned it but it still excites me) It’s honestly amazing. The hotel contains sixty-seven villas which after our little strolls around the hotel all seemed to be as beautiful as each other. The hotel even offers a range of restaurants which are located on the hillside and the beachside which allows you to mix up your view each night, Oh I might add that they also make some of the most incredible cocktails that I have ever had in my life…if you’re into that sort of thing girls!

So like I said at the beginning, this holiday was an adventure and after a few days in the Seychelles Mahe we said farewell and headed to our next destination which was a thirty-five-minute flight southwest of the main Seychelles island of Mahé to the Desroches island were we stayed in the Four Seasons Desroches Island. Again, Richard and myself had stayed in the Four Seasons Desroches when we went on our honeymoon but honestly, when we were on our flight it was so beautiful and breathtaking from above that I had forgotten that I had been here before.

The island is really remote which is just what I needed. I needed to relax and if you can’t relax hundreds of miles away from the rain at home surrounded by baby blue water then I really don’t know when you can! In saying that, even though its very remote and peaceful the hotel offered a huge range of actives from scuba diving, stand-up paddleboarding and ocean fishing which can be easily arranged with the castaway centre located beside the hotel. Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned the bike that every guest is provided with to explore the trails of the island but honestly the bike journey did take quite a bit of time seeing as I stopped every ten metres to take a photo of the incredible scenery. Like at some points I had to reach my hand out to make sure it was real because it was so perfect and beautiful it looked painted on.

One thing that really blew me away on this stay was the amazing service provided by the team at the hotel, I mean they literally waited on us hand and foot and did everything in their power to make this the most memorable trip of our lives….and it 100% worked. Our little villa was just as fabulous as the last and again with OUR OWN PRIVATE POOL! Honestly, it’s never going to get old saying that. Our little deck was just metres walk from restaurants with food to die for!

Of course, we also had to take advantage of the spa located on sight because sure we’re on our holidays! I will admit that as far as spa’s go we did manage to hit gold in Mahe at the Banyan Tree resort which offers one of the most incredible spas I’ve ever been to. I mean from the moment you walk in, to the second you leave, it’s just paradise. Richard and myself got a couples massage and honestly, I forgot he was in the same room as me at one point because I was in such a deep set of relaxation, I still haven’t told him that!

So once again we left one paradise for the next one. Next up on our travels, we headed to Six Sense Zil Pasyon, which let’s get straight into saying how I felt like I was in a James Bond movie. Like to get to the island you have an option of helicopter or speedboat! How insane is that? We picked to travel by helicopter which was an amazing experience as we flew over the island and got to see the beauty from above which I know I kept mentioning how beautiful these islands are but honestly, BREATHTAKING!

When we got to our room we were shocked to see how each room had so much privacy as they are nestled discreetly in a tropical forest, which in my opinion is pretty damn cool! The room itself from the floor to the roof is draped in beauty, every little inch of the room has so much attention to detail, it actually felt like a crime to place our cases in the room in case we disturbed anything. I’d happily lie outside and just come in every now and again to have a look around, like that’s how amazing these rooms where.

Now let’s talk food, I love food and the food I ate in this hotel actually made me appreciate food just that little bit more. Richard and I savoured every bite we took at breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’m pretty sure Richard told me one night straight after a three-course meal that he was excited for breakfast and I really couldn’t blame him.

The team at the hotel again were fantastic they helped us every day to fill our days with absolute joy. Like we didn’t have enough time to do all the activities offered from stand-up paddleboarding to morning yoga to even movie nights on the deck over the sea….like honestly doesn’t that sound like the definition of perfection. OH! OH! OH! I forgot to mention that Donatella Versace stayed here… like she stayed in the same hotel I was in, star stuck to say the least. One night while walking back from dinner I kept pointing at villas asking Richard does he think she stayed there? Or to the one next to that villa? To say I drove him crazy that is an understatement.

I even think I felt a tear run down my face as I packed my last swimsuit away on the last day because I really didn’t want to leave and go back home. In saying this, I always think you could be in the world’s comfiest bed but it will never beat the bed in your own room in your own house. Saying goodbye was even harder the second time but of course, the flight home was a pleasure and when I put the keys into the door of the house there was nothing I wanted to do more than jump into bed with a cup of tea and scroll back on the wonderful memories that Richard and I are making every year.



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