An excerpt from Lisa’s weight loss diary:

So hello guys!! It’s been a BIG and a manic week and I have to be honest with you, it’s been a bit tough. My life was happening in Cirque de Soleil-like circles this week with it being Richard’s birthday, working and friends around, as well as not feeling 100% with a head-cold, so we headed down to the stunning Burtown House in Athy and it was magical!! So special. However, I had to anchor the Breakfast Show so had to get up early and drive an hour to TV3, do the three-hour live show, then back down and again and then back up again for Sunday’s live show and then back down again. I can’t take time off at the weekends so have to work my life around it. Therefore when I came home on Sunday I was pretty exhausted and reached for the leftover birthday cake and vino and comfort food. I was so tired. I was cranky and H-ANGRY! We’ve all been there, right?

I had only planned on ‘celebrating’ on the Saturday night which we did and I wholeheartedly clinked champagne glasses and gave gifts and there were balloons and candles and singsongs and yummy food but come Sunday after all the driving up and down with the show, feeling a bit rotten and tired, it slid to the left! I was flattened on Sunday and again on Monday so I found it hard to stay focused and on track! I did track but there was some GESTIMATION which is never good. I found the odd chocolate snuck into my mouth more than I would like and then since it was the run-up to Valentines, there seemed to be chocolate everywhere!

I made a few mistakes too; I went to the cinema to see ‘La La Land’ on the Monday with my girlfriends and since I was still knackered from the weekend I made a really bad choice. I thought there were only 10 SmartPoints in the cinema tortillas but when I went to the Weightwatchers meeting on Tuesday night in Stillorgan, my Leader Corina told me it was 21 SmartPoints including the Salsa which, of course, I had! Ragin’.. so with half a pound up you feel rotten, that said, I think it’s good to be up in a sense because it motivates you and makes you feel like you need to pull in the reins! I’d a head cold and wasn’t feeling myself so Valentines was just a slippers, pj’s and candlelit affair at home! We had done all our celebrating at the weekend so I did a wee video blog for you and since I’d spent the best part of Valentines night with the WeightWatchers class and Corina at the 7 pm meeting, I simply came home and cooked salmon and had some salad, had homemade NO Count pancakes made with eggs and a banana and then watched a movie!

Sleep more than anything is what I have craved and after a few good nights sleep I feel revived and ready to tackle the world!

It’s amazing how emotions and no sleep and not feeling 100% can play havoc with your system and diet. It’s so important to plan and be mindful… be real, not perfect everyone! Myself included!

Today is a new day and new me! Hurrah!

Love Lisa xxx



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